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Registration 2021

The online registration for the "7th Harztor Run" ("Harztor-Lauf" in german) on April 25th, 2021 was started on January 5th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. It will run until April 18th, 2021 11:59 p.m.
Later registrations are only possible on day of the run.

The age limits of the DLV (german website) apply to the registrations.

Registration / start numbers

The team from "hucke timing" registers all runners and give them numbers. Later, all registered runners are assigned with their real start numbers. You can already find out by the start numbers in which run the athletes take part. The start numbers are designed according to the length of the route, so for the half marathon five digits starting with the "21xxx". For the other races, the start numbers have four digits and begin with the "8xxx" for the 8km route, the "5xxx" for the 5km routes and the "2xxx" for the 2km routes.
There are also color-codes according to each length.

Later registration

On the day of the event, it is still possible to register for all races by paying a starting fee plus late registration fee (add. € 5). Our registration office opens at 10.30 a.m. on the day of the run. Children can be registered for the "Bambini Run", a starting fee is not needed for them.

Please make sure to have the entire fee ready at the office and plan a little time for the late registration - and, be there on time! Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for the late registrants to get a medal and our beloved runner's bag.

Refreshment points

The first refreshment point for the runners in the half marathon is at the earliest after around 8 kilometers at the "Rabensteiner Stollen". If you need something to drink or to eat before this, please take it with you! After around 2 more kilometers near the "Poppenturm" there will be the second refreshment point.

The third one - and this also applies to the 8km runners - is at the narrow-gauge railways (HSB) stop at the end of the bike path next to Niedersachswerfen. Finally, there is another refreshment point on Steinstraße, which is also available for the participants on the 5km routes.

In any cases, please pay attention to the waste! We are a green run. Please leave your waste near the refreshment points so we can dispose it for you. Please do not throw anything else in the forest or in the fields, it is very important for us and our helpers to carry out the "Harztor Run" sustainability.

Fairness and security

The "Harztor Run" basically is a run for fun. So - with all athletic ambitions - the fun of running in nature should be in the focus. At some sections of the routes - e.g. at the "Langen Wand" in Ilfeld and that affects the all participants in the half marathon and the 8km run - it is really tight. This means that sometimes you have to run in a row behind each other. Please give always a preference to fairness! It's our wish to bring back all runners save to the finish line.

This also includes your behavior in public space. At our "Harztor Run" you can touch public road traffic and also cross the railway facilities of the narrow-gauge railways (HSB). Please take care of your own safety! The stewards are authorized to give you instructions at any time.

Thanks for your support! In case of any questions please write ...

... an e-mail to our team

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